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14 days ago
Nintendo Switch Plant Stand (Charging)
-- INCLUDES THE NEW PIRANHA HEAD! -- This is a cool concept I come up with. Thinking of a springtime vibe and thought of joycons are leaves with a Switch flower...idk. But after a few prototypes and some dimensional errors on my part, here is the final product! There is a USB C extension cable that runs through the stem and stores in the base with the port in the back. I DESIGNED IT FOR THIS CABLE (3.3FT) ---> Please route your cable through each piece separately as it sometimes likes to get hung up on the curves. Every piece is made to twist assemble together, BUT, please be sure to GLUE this together. The Rest, StemTop, and StemBottom should be able to simply set flat on a smooth surface while the glue settles. -- PIRANHA HEAD -- There is a short assembly video here--> #GAMINGXCULTS UPDATE: - I have found an error with the SPSRest, there wasn't a chamfer on the bottom edges, so I added one and also redesigned the underside a little. - Have also changed the hole diameter for the PotSoil to a little bigger (0.5mm), added as SPSPotSoilv2. - I have designed up a tunnel version of the pot, SPSTunnelShell UPDATE2: - Highly requested for a two piece bottom stem for limited height printers, STL files are SPS2P-StemMiddle and SPS2P-StemBottom. UPDATE3 (01/25/24): - Added SPSPiranha-CULTS3D.3mf file for Bambu printers. The other 3mf files are for Cura.
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Nintendo Switch Plant Stand (Charging)
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