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His first date idea. We each pick out a book at Barnes and Noble and switch at the end of the night. Getting to know each other through what we like to read. I think I'm going to like this guy 😊
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I'm a15 year old boy but I'm subscribed to 3 makeup tutorial channels on YouTube so that someday I can ask to do my girlfriend's makeup and totally blow her away
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I was walking at my apartment complex and saw a guy trip and fall so I asked if he was ok He said, "yeah I was just falling for you." Best pickup line ever
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Our cat scratched me so my boyfriend chased after her while yelling "I will avenge my maiden!!!" Ladies get yourself a dork it makes life so much more fun
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Its odd how time changes our perspective Jennifer Lawrence is now generall
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my girlfriend doesn't know but When shes mad at me, i turn up the AC to make her cold. So we can cuddle.
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