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16 months ago
19 Tumblr Jokes For Everyone Who's Down To Their Last Brain Cell
Sounds like a lot of HOOPLA.
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Y renegade-skywalker Pd really love to know what the hell Vader was thinking during that pregnant pause after he asks Luke to join him in Empire because Luke just kind of stares at him, says nothing, and then just... falls? Leaving Vader there looking like a total idiot but also wondering what the he// does Luke even think he's doing?! Only Clone Wars Anakin could have been that extra, all "Il'd rather fall into an unfathomable abyss than finish this conversation with you" is such a Skywalker move, so the only thing I imagine Vader really thinking is "Well, he definitely gets that from thatgirlonstage Vader: "JOIN ME" Luke: *falls backward into the abyss* Vader: honestly I don't know what else I expected Source: renegade-skywalker - )
21 months ago
One thing the Mandalorian has made clear is that Yoda wasn't on Dagobah for any mystical Force reasons, he was there because it was a literal smorgasbord for him. he was the apex predator in that bog, everything for miles around was probably TERRIFIED of him. every food chain ended in Yoda & his death came as a huge relief to the entire ecosystem. - )
1 month ago
Cannot get over how Maul calls Ahsoka "Lady Tano" all respectful and shit (probably because he was raised in a matriarchal society) but doesn't have an honorific for Obi-Wan. Follow Maul: oh, so arrives Lady Tano, graceful beauty and masterful duelist. so we meet again Maul: ah, yes. Kenobi, the bastard himself #Star wars - )
2 months ago
SweetiepieO8 Follow Mandalorians: He is the Mand'alor Din: No you don't understand. I never set out to be Mand'alor. I only wanted to save my child from Moff Gideon. Mandalorians: He took on one of most dangerous Imperials in single combat to protect his family! Praise the Mand'alor! Din: Wait, let me explain. The child was a foundling under my care... Mandalorians: He treats the foundling as his own flesh and blood! All praise! Din: No! listen! He was threatening my Child with the darksaber, so I took out my pure beskar spear... Mandalorians: *shaking* This is the most mandalorian thing we've ever fucking heard... - )
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1 month ago
. kingofattolia ”obi-wan did not fear dying, but he resented dying unimpressively" ªquousque Obi-Wan ”I don't know where Anakin gets it from" Kenobi - )
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follow @durchhaliya or get cursed by palpatine
4 months ago
I really need a laugh, please dump every and all of your favorite memes here! | Fandom
1 month ago
What do you mean this isn't an actual scene from the show...
1 month ago