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7 months ago
Flame Nebula Original Oil on Canvas Painting One of a Kind | Etsy
Original oil on canvas painting of the Flame Nebula in the constellation Orion This painting is part of my collection Spacescapes and it was exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in New Jersey, USA Title: Flame Nebula One of a kind. Wired, ready to hang. Created and treated with care and love. The painting was cured for a recommended time for an oil painting and protected with a layer of varnish. Since my background is in art restoration I take technical details and knowledge of materials very seriously to bring you the best quality in my paintings for their longevity. Tips: As for all paintings and colors the direct light from the sun is to be avoided because it fades colors with time. Please note there may be a slight difference in colors between the way you see the photos on your screen and the original artwork, due to different displays on the device you are using (computer, phone, tablet).
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