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33 months ago
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Rank Chart
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<3 <3 <3 The bottom right were actually only from Riker's delusional state as far as I know. Still, I'm happy they were included.
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Alternate 24th Century Starfleet Rank Insignias by Rekkert on DeviantArt
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Rules and Regulations
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Every job from every episode from Star Trek TOS-main, regular extras, and unnamed characters. Even the babysitters and waitresses.
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퀘이크워즈 온라인, 알짜배기 Tip 챙기세요 게임메카, 대한민국 1등 인터넷 게임신문
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Cryptic, makers of the hit game Star Trek Online, have just released this handy infographic explaining where the video game's story fits into Star Trek canon, which can get confusing what with six series, thirteen movies, and multiple timelines. Download the full resolution version here
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Only Robert Fletcher was conscientious enough to actually develope an Officer AND Enlisted rank structure for Trek 2. Description from I searched for this on
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We take a very deep dive into the new uniforms for Star Trek; Discovery, including a detailed infographic explaining all the details.
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Infografía con el total de hombres embarcados en el navío
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