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57 months ago
Neato Burrito (Student Project)
Designers: Kelsey Byrd, Haley Ellis, Marcus Mrazeck, Elizabeth Sweeney Project Type: Student Project School: Clemson University Tutor: Erin Snyder Location: Clemson, SC, USA Packaging Contents: Burrito, Taco Packaging Material: Paper In response to IoPP’s 2015 48 Hour Re-Pack student design challenge, a group of students at Clemson University was tasked with reinventing taco and burrito packaging for easy, on-the-go consumption. While traditional aluminum foil wrappers impede active snacking and leave much to be desired in the way of innovation, Neato Burrito boasts a pretty “neat” solution. Integrating the dead fold properties of foil with the structural integrity of paperboard, Neato Burrito’s semirigid, accordion-style body not only collapses with consumption but also affords consumers an alternate, in-house dining option. Simply pop open the end cap to “take the party with you,” or tear it down the side to start the party where you’re at. Either way, Neato Burrito delivers a convenient, mess-free burrito experience.
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