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2 months ago
Classic Family Friendly April Fool's Day Pranks to Repeat This Year – The Purple Bug Project
It’s almost that time of year again where you do your best to trick your family and friends. I’ve compiled a list of classic April Fool’s Day Pranks for you to play on your loved ones. They’re family friendly, easy, and you probably already have the supplies in your home. This post most likely contains affiliate links. That means if you click a link and then make a purchase I’ll make a small commission at no cost to you. I use this money to pay back my mountain of student loan debt. For my full disclaimer, click here. Faulty Shampoo Bottle Twist or pop the lid off their shampoo bottle or body wash and put a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening and put the lid back on. When they go to use it they won’t get any out. Rubber Band Around the Sink Sprayer This is my all time favorite prank. Unfortunately, my current apartment doesn’t have a sink sprayer. So there’s no cute picture. Sad face. But if you have one just wrap a rubber band around the sink sprayer and point it forward. When someone turns the water on they’ll get sprayed. Just make sure it isn’t you. Solid Juice A couple weeks ahead of time start making pitchers of juice or kool aid for the members of your household. Tell them they can get juice from the fridge themselves (this works great for roommates and kids). Then for April Fool’s make a large batch of jello in the juice pitcher. When they go to pour it, it will be solidified. Alternately if you pour the juice for your kids/roommate/spouse you can bring them a glass that you made jello in with a straw. When they try to drink from it, they will realize it’s solid. I love this prank because you also get jello. Short Sheet the Bed I’ve never done this to anyone but it is a classic prank. If your kids or spouse don’t normally make their beds get them in the habit of it in the weeks leading up to April Fool’s Day. Computer Mouse Won’t Work In high school I would do this all the time in my school’s library. All you have to do is put a something over the sensor on the bottom of the mouse. This way it thinks it’s standing still even if you’re moving it. A post-it note or piece of paper taped to the bottom will do the trick. Shrunken Shoes/Huge Feet Stuff toilet paper into the toe portion of the shoes for your kids/spouse/roommates. They’ll think their shoes shrunk or their feet grew. TV Remote Doesn’t Work If you put a clear piece of tape over the sensor on your remote it won’t work. I tried this with the really clear tape and my tv still turned on just fine. So test it out and you might have to tape a small piece of paper over the sensor. Sew Pockets or Socks Shut I thought of this at work the other day. It would be really funny to sew the pockets shut on my husband’s jeans. He’d try to put his keys in his pocket and wouldn’t be able to. Of course, I’d leave the stitches loose enough so he could tear the stitching out. I also saw online about stitching halfway across a sock near the toe so your foot gets stuck before you reach the toe. Learn how to sew from my post here. What are your favorite April Fool’s Day pranks?
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