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18 months ago
3D Printing Cheat Sheet - Tutorial Australia
Wouldn't it be great to have a single image, that encapsulated a tonne of handy 3D printing tips and information to hang on the wall behind your 3D Printer? Well, we agree so much so that we've gone ahead and created this infographic/cheat sheet hybrid that jams as much information as possible in. Below shows the updated image. At the bottom of this article is the original first iteration of this Poster talked about in the video. Download the full A3 Version here. Download the full A3 Version here. At the top of the page, I've essentially included all of my favourite bookmarks and links around the web to different 3D Printing information and guides. There are TinyURLs that take you directly where you need to go attached to each link. Below is a list of these Popular Guides. -3D Print Workshop-Filament Guide-Printing Perfect First Layers-Improving 3D Printed Models-Cura Overview There is then a side view of a 3D print that points out the different features of a 3D print from a slicer settings perspective. Below that, I've made a quick reference breakdown of how the G-Code tool path is represented inside Cura's G-Code view. At the bottom of the page, I've made a small grid-style table of the bed and nozzle temperatures required for most of the common filament types, which can be handy when you are swapping between filament types in Cura's advanced settings. The E-steps table is a bit of strange addition (see it in the bottom Cheat Sheet), and I can definitely see it being used by anyone with a LulzBot 3D Printer and more than the single tool head. As part of the installation process of a new tool head, you need to record the E-steps of the new tool head (which are written on the rear of the tool head). This little table will allow you to have a permanent place to note down those values, so you never need to look them up again. On the top of the poster, there are 6 images of different calibration/test prints that can be used to test out certain phenomena of 3D printing and really learn the way your printer is behaving under certain conditions. And finally, at the bottom of this page, there is a TinyURL that links directly to a ZIP file containing all of the STL models for those test prints. A Finishing Note... All in all, 3D printing is such an enormous field that even with limiting myself to FDM printing only there is still a tonne of information that could have been included on this cheat sheet. If you've got any ideas or additions you'd like to see make the cut please let us know! Below is the original First iteration of the practical printing Cheat Sheet. Attachment -
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