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24 days ago
Bugs and Insects Preschool Theme
My boys always love learning about creepy crawlies, so a bug theme in spring is a MUST. These activities are from my Bugs and Insects Preschool Pack in my TPT shop. Bugs and Insects Preschool Pack Here is a peek inside the pack. Catch a Bug- We love using paper shred from the Dollar Tree as a bin filler. We added paper clips to each bug and a magnetic wand to 'catch' each letter bug. For students that are ready to write, there is a recording page to trace each letter. Swat the Bug- There are sight word cards, or alphabet cards. Call out a letter/word and swat it with a fly swatter. You can tell from the smiles, this was a HIT! Small World Play- Tree stumps, rocks, sticks, plastic bugs, and AstroTurf flooring samples! Counting Spots- Pick a number card and add that many black pom poms to the ladybug. Spin and Cover Bugs- Spin a spinner and name the color. Cover a bug with that same color. Caterpillar Name Craft- Have your students write one letter from their name on each circle. Cut and glue to spell out their name. Sensory Tray- Another sensory tray of bugs and black beans. Cutting Practice- Can you find the bugs?! Fine Motor Color Match- Match a bead to each colored bug. Counting Bugs- Pick a counting card. Count that many bugs into the bug catcher. Butterfly Symmetry Smash Art- I cut butterfly shapes out of cardstock. The boys squirted paint onto one side of each butterfly. We folded the butterflies in half and smashed the paint. These turned out gorgeous!! Roll and Cover- Roll a dice and cover a bug with that many dots. Bug Beginning Sounds- Cover each picture with the correct beginning sound. Bug Writing Tray- Trace each letter in a writing tray of salt. Tracing- Trace each line, shape, or word. Beginning Sounds- Place a letter bead below each bug to identify the beginning sound. Rhyming Puzzles- Match the puzzle pieces that rhyme. Write the Room- Place the bug cards around the room. As you find a bug, write the letter on the line. Make 10- Count bugs onto the ten frame to make 10. Here is a fun and FREE math center activity. Ladybug Counting Puzzles My boys were really interested in learning about bees, so we did a lot of bee themed activities too! Bee Art- We used a potato smasher to paint bees. Then, we painted and printed bubble wrap on a white hexagon to make our hive. When the bees were dry, we added black lines with Kwix Stix and sticker eyes. Bee Hive Counting- This bee hive was made out of a box. We bubble wrap painted the sides. Then, I cut and glued several toilet paper tubes. We placed yellow pom poms and toy bees in the hive. My son used tongs to pull out the bees, and count them. Bee Pollen Transfer- We love playing with water and using pipettes are great for developing those fine motor skills. For this activity, my son used a dropper to transfer yellow water. Bee Sensory Bin- We used kinetic sand as the base, and threw in bees, TOOB flowers, and pattern blocks. Bugs and Insects Preschool Pack If you are looking for preschool themes for an entire year. Be sure to check out my preschool themes bundle! For more preschool fun, be sure to follow us on Instagram @michele_dillon
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