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28 days ago
Adorable Woven Cardboard Llamas
Are you looking for an easy weaving project to try with the kids? Well, look no further! Today's llama weaving craft is such an easy and cute way to introduce the art of weaving to kids. Plus, you won't need any special materials to try it out. Are you ready? Let's get weaving! How to Weave and Adorable Llama (with kids!) Materials Needed: Scissors Corrugated Cardboard Yarn Markers (We love Sharpies!) Masking Tape Optional: Print out my llama template Small Pom-Poms How to Weave a Cardboard Llama: Step 1: Draw out a llama on a piece of cardboard. Cut it out. (You can also use this template that I made.) Step 2: Cut out the same number of slits on the top and bottom of your llama to hold your warp threads. Make sure they're evenly spaced. (I cut out 5 slits on top and bottom.) Step 3: String your warp threads. Tape one end of a piece of yarn to the back of your llama. Then, go up and down around your llama until all of slits are filled with yarn. Tape the end of your yarn to the back. Want a step-by-step video showing how to do this? I'm giving you a super-fast overview of what we did. If you want more detailed directions on how to properly weave, check out this Met Kids Weaving Video. Front of the Llama: Back of the Llama: Step 4: Cut out a piece of yarn to weave. Tie one end to your warp (top of the right string.) Wrap the other end with masking tape (to help weave.) Alternatively, you could also use a yarn needle (but you don't really need one.) Step 5: Go over and under each warp thread (grey ones). When you reach the end of one row, do the opposite pattern of over and under for the next row. Keep alternating until you're done with your piece of yarn (or you decide to change colors.) To add another piece of yarn, simply tie on your new piece of yarn to your old piece of yarn. (Trim the excess.) Then, keep on weaving!* When you're finally done, just tie the end of your yarn to your warp.* (*Note: I realize that if you wish to properly add on yarn and change colors, you need to follow the directions in the above-mentioned Met Video. They don't tie knots. They leave their strings dangling. But I find that tying on knots works just fine since it's a kid's craft and we're not going to remove our woven bit off the cardboard.) Step 6: Optional: Hot glue on pom poms. Why? Because they're so cute! I really hope this weaving craft brings a smile to your kids' faces. :) If you're on IG and you share this craft, could you tag me @pinkstripeysocks so I can ooh and ahh over the cuteness? Thank you! Looking for more weaving and llama crafts? Then check out the links below! Fa la la la llama paper snowflakes Cute Gods Eye Turtle Weavings Weaving CD Dream Catchers Rainbow Paper Plate Weaving Boho Wall Hangings Happy creating and connecting, friends!
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