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43 months ago
iCableGuards - READ DESCRIPTION @ Pinshape
YOU NEED TO SCALE AND ADJUST THE PART ACCORDING TO YOUR PRINTERS TOLERANCES AND CAPABILITITES Its impossible for me to know all the calibration diferences between printers, plastic shrinkage for all types and brands of filaments and the mechanical slack of your bot. THANKS FOR READING THIS BEFORE COMPLAINING IN THE COMMENT SECTION THAT THESE DIDN'T FIT :) Tip me here:  Saves your Apple lighting cables from getting bent where it joins the connector. This can help you if the silicone has broken. Realy easy to print Scaling to fit needed How about printing a matching iPhone case?! Take a look here: iPhone 6/6S: iPhone 6/6s case - NULL - Free to try! iPhone 6/6s case - FFWD iPhone 6/6s case - LOTO  iPhone 6/6s case - ORBD iPhone 6/6s case - NUDL iPhone 6/6s case - 3FRC Ultimate Case Bundle iPhone 6/6S - 6 cases included iPhone 5/5S/SE iPhone 5/5S/SE case - NULL - Free to try! Phone 5/5S/SE case - FFWD iPhone 5/5S/SE case - LOTO  iPhone 5/5S/SE case - 3FRC Ultimate Case Bundle iPhone 5/5S/SE - 4 cases included By purchasing any of this, you are helping me bring more cool 3D printable designs to life, I am a full time 3D designer and entrepreneur, every little bit helps!!! Thanks in advance :)
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