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15 months ago
How To Fix A Patchy Beard
Do you suffer from a scraggly beard and you don't know what to do? You are not the only one... In fact, the vast majority of men can not grow a full beard and they do have patches. In this article, we will tell you all the possible tricks and tips you can apply to fix and fill in your scraggly patchy beard. Join us! #patchybeard #howtofixapatchybeard #mensbeardgroomingtips #scragglybeard #groomingtips #beardproblems
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Patchy beards start to look less patchy as you let it grow 🧐 1 month to 5.5 months. PS if you get the reference on my shirt you’re awesome
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2 months apart, definitely the biggest difference thus far. Decided to shape and trim it, not sure if I should continue to grow it out or maintain the way it is.
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2 months in. Is the patchy cheek worthy of filling out? I’m also worried about the Stacie not connecting. And when is a good time to trim underneath? My neck is much fuller.
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What a difference a few years can make! First photo is me at 17, second one is me at 20! Both were taken at 1 month of growth! Don’t lose hope!
39 months ago