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9 months ago
Awesome 5 Beard Styles When You Are Bald | BeardLong
Baldness doesn’t sound as bad as it used to a few decades back. This is because it has now become the latest trend. Should a bald man grow a beard? Yes, they should! It is not surprising to say that men mostly look more pleasing when they are bald. A well-groomed beard goes perfectly with a bald head only if it styled that way #baldbeardedmen #baldbeard #baldbeardstyles #beardedmen #beardlook #beardguide #beardstyles #beardgrowth #awesomebeards #amazingbeards #topbeardstyles #beard
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How do I stop my beard from curling up like this on my jawline? I’ve tried blow drying and using a round brush to curl it the opposite direction, but maybe I’m not doing it right. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
18 months ago