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11 months ago
Same, Spock. Same.
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37 months ago
From Bread and Circuses (Star Trek) <<< tava voando faísca desses dois nesse episódio mds
7 months ago
Star Trek Beyond | Spock & Bones ... - Star Trek Beyond | Spock & Bones - #Batman #beyond #bones #DoctorWho #MarvelComics #Pokemon #Sherlock #spock #Star #StarTrek #Trek
1 month ago
ironman conoce a spiderman
9 months ago
FunSubstance - All
9 months ago
Holy crap, this post. Kirk now knows how important Spock is to him, and he to Spock. Then Khan happens, Dreadnaught is falling, and Kirk REMEMBERS the radiation core, and he can't let that happen again, so he goes himself, and it doesn't matter that he is dying, Kirk dies with a smile on his face because he saved Spock. (Paraphrased from original post because #eff all the effing hashtags)
79 months ago
"Pon me a prueba"
40 months ago
40 months ago
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35 months ago
I loved this scene because I knew exactly what the reference was
29 months ago
Star Trek Into Darkness Quotes
80 months ago
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