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67 months ago
Plistospilota: Photo by Photographer Igor Siwanowicz -
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Plistospilota by Igor Siwanowicz. See, I told you I could just pin them all. Also this one looks a little bit like Zorak.
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Лучшие работы Igor Siwanowicz
11 months ago
Laurent Seroussi created a body of work entitled Insectes. This example of photographism is very convincing; bringing us a stunning morphology of creepy insects and beautiful women. The model’s hands become sinister pinchers, claws, and other appendages as the beetles, scarabs and Phasmids shift in scale making these larger than life creatures even more intimidating to view. Seroussi has a very successful advertising career that encompasses large range of clients from high-fashion to GreenPeace.
78 months ago
Print advertisment created by DDB, Poland for Huawei, within the category: Electronics, Technology.
36 months ago