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4 months ago
FAITH DOMERGUE - Her Horror & Sci-Fi Movies From 1955-74
Here's a nice Friday post, I've always had a huge crush on Faith Domergue! Here are some things you probably never knew about her... Enjoy! Faith Domergue was born in New Orleans, she was part Creole but primarily of Irish and English decent and was adopted when she was six weeks old! In 1927 her adoptive parents took her to live in Santa Monica, California, where she had her first experience with acting. Just after graduation from school, she suffered a disfiguring injury during a car accident when she was thrown into the windshield and spent 18 months undergoing intensive plastic surgery!! Still in her teens, she was briefly married to a night club owner and bandleader. In 1941 she was discovered by a Warner Brothers talent scout and was signed to a contract. Then, she found herself at a studio party on a yacht owned by billionaire Howard Hughes. Hughes became quickly infatuated with Faith and bought out her contract from Warner Brothers for $50,000, then signed her to the studio he owned, RKO Pictures. The romantic affair continued until mid-1943 and was ended by Hughes' various indiscretions with stars Lana Turner, Ava Gardner and Rita Hayworth! Faith never quite made it as a major star, but, she did acquire something of a cult following because of her involvement in THIS ISLAND EARTH, as well as her other sci-fi films from that period. Universal's CULT OF THE COBRA from 1955 was her first horror film, her sultry looks made her a perfect snake girl for this role. Faith will be forever known for her role as Dr. Ruth Adams in Universal's super sci-fi extravaganza, THIS ISLAND EARTH, also in 1955. Again in 1955, she went to Columbia Studios to star in Ray Harryhausen tentacled terror classic, IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA. Then, she was at Merton Park Studios to star in THE ATOMIC MAN, another movie from 1955! Boy, she was a busy girl that year!! Ten years later, in 1965, she was in the oddball sci-fi flick, VOYAGE TO THE PREHISTORIC PLANET, produced by none other the the king of B-movies, Roger Corman! I'm pretty sure this one was made for TV, since there's no actual poster to be found. Filmed in Burbank in 1974, Faith is one of the PSYCHO SISTERS, here she is in the shower being threatened by a hatchet wielding psycho! Again in 1974, she was in the over the hill gang of actors in THE HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES, for me, a real yawner. Not because of Faith, though! Filmed in Salt Lake City. So then, here are some very nice photos of Faith... Sultry and Sexy!! We're back tomorrow with more, from... The Dungeon!!
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