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52 months ago
Our 5 month old giant schnauzer puppy Rayne on the left with our 9 year old standard schnauzer Arnie (yes you got it 'Arnie Schnazernegger') on the right
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⏪ Standard Schnauzer ⏩ medium-sized, squarely built dog. It makes a great watch and guard dog. The Standard Schnauzer originated from Germany and is the oldest of the three Schnauzer breeds. The Schnauzer name derived from the German word "Schnauze," which means "muzzle." The dogs worked as messenger dogs in World War I and as vermin hunters, stable guarders, livestock guardians and as retrievers.
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Skansen's Big Sir Giant Schnauzer - Five month old Giant Schnauzer from Skansen Kennels, Sebastopol, CA. Named Big Sir - obfuscated from Big Sur.
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