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6 months ago
Droiddivision RJ Droid Inspired Fan Art Printable Files - Etsy UK
Spacebobs Droids has once again opened its Droid Division Workshop to bring you a super detailed and solid state RJ Droid. Listing is NOT a physical item/prop, but it is, FILES for 3D PRINTING at home. As files cannot be returned to me... I cannot refund money anymore unfortunately, be very sure of this before buying. The Droid STL files include everything you need to print the whole Droid! The Head has the normal voids for lighting the Eyes if you wish. The files also include a PDF with instructions and pictures on how to start the build... Standing at about 280mm tall over all, and has a head diameter of 210mm it can be scaled up or down to your preference. The whole thing is in parts easily printable on an on a smaller printer like the Ender 3. The little Droid is pose-able but some leg and arm poses are limited to fixed poses.. As with all DD 3D files they are single person usage and not to be shared or sold, even if (especially if lol) modified. Make sure you save your original Link PDF from Etsy so you can re-access the Dropbox folders at a later date if needed. It can be filled and finished to your own standard but even looks great printed at 0.3 layer height and left with the layer lines as it’s a robot. File downloaded will simply be a PDF with an introduction to the build which contains a link to the Droids most updated STL and Information Dropbox Files. Thank you and Happy Printing
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