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55 months ago
April Fool the Kids and Teachers at Your School!
Hi Folks! My April Fool's joke for the kids from last year is showing up in the Pin parade, so I thought I'd repost so you don't miss it. AND I found one to do on the adults at school, too. Snort! April Fool's Day is THIS Friday so you've got time to get ready! The one for grown-ups is super easy! Your fellow teachers, principal, secretary... I think I'm gonna have a few of these cups ready and get to school really early! Snort! Only thing I have to figure out is how I can finagle it so I see their reaction... This one is an old trick, but I think it's perfect for kindergarten. Here's how I do it. At the end of March we talk about how April first is coming up and what April Fools' Day is. Some kindergartners know about it, but certainly not all. Then on the morning of April first, we talk about it again. At snack time, I tell them that the start of a new month is a good time to celebrate all the learning we've done in the month gone by, so I brought brownies to share– interject loud whoops of happiness here. I pick up the brownie pan, conveniently covered with foil so no one can look in, and stroll around the room handing out brown construction paper Es from the pan. Their faces are priceless. I keep handing them out as they all gawk and gafaw, and I don't have to go too far before somebody gets it... I then hold one up and say it certainly is a "brown E" at which point everyone's lightbulb goes on and giggles erupt. I do, of course, have real brownies in the pan as well– two-bite size from the bakery– so everyone gets a brownie along with their brown E. (I have dim memories of actually baking brownies for this day in an era long gone by...) Later in the day, we stroll through the building looking for April fools to play our trick on again and again. Each year, I don't know what my colleagues enjoy more– getting the brownie or playing along. What do you do for April Fools' Day? Last but not least– and this is no joke!– be sure to sign up for my book giveaway GOING ON RIGHT NOW. It's for the book Hammer and Nails by Josh Bledsoe and Jessica Warrick. Thanks to Flashlight Press for the giveaway. Click the book cover to see contest. Have a great week!
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