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18 months ago
My Naruto Drawings
I love Naruto/Naruto Shippuden. It started this June 2016 due to Naruto The Last..... And here are my drawings! It may not look so close like them but I am thankful I still able to draw it.....
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I FORGOT HOW TO NINJA! lol this was an awesome episode as well xD so much bromance packed into kakashi and guy
66 months ago
sassy little piece of shit but I still love you
36 months ago
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Naruto, funny, text
63 months ago
If you can get Kakashi to be that scared, congrats, you're probably worse than Madara.
34 months ago
Ella es mia! (Sasuke, Kakashi y Tú) - Especial de 800+ Vistas
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