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2 months ago
Evelyn on Instagram: "Beautiful Beetles! 🪲 I didn’t have a 300 piece Christmas puzzle left for a space on #puzzlebattle, so we’ll just pretend these jewel-toned beetles are ornaments! 😁 Who knew bugs could be so pretty? Though I still wouldn’t want them in my house! 😬 I always love a good @pomegranatecomm puzzle, and thanks to my friend @cary_on_puzzling, I had this lil jewel with fabulous art from @christophermarleystudio. Thanks so much, Cary! I really enjoyed it! 🪲💚 This is for K11 - 300 in this month’s #puzzlebattle hosted by @puzzle_topia_2.0 and @xena.ibrahim. 144/‘23 . . #jigsaw #puzzler #puzzleaddict #ilovepuzzles #jigsawpuzzle #hobby #puzzlenerd #300pieces"
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