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23 days ago
Evelyn on Instagram: "Watching Snowfall ❄️This adorable puzzle from @victorypuzzles and artist @lisagraajensen was #purepuzzlepleasure! 🧩🥰 I was first introduced to Victory puzzles through a traveling puzzle that Matthew “Df” @dragonflyjigsawpuzzles so kindly started, and luckily it made its way to North America. I loved it, and of course had to add one of my own to my collection. This will be the first of many I’m sure! Swipe to see the darling whimsies in the final video and how my friend Cindy @cinw was able to figure out the double piece ones through a photo. I thought the owl in flight was a log on fire and the top of the houseplant was corn. 😂 Clearly I need help! I shall now call Cindy the Whimsy Decipherer! 🧩💯💪 If you haven’t tried a Victory, I hope you get the chance soon! ?
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