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2 days ago
10 Rad Dorm Decor Ideas from IKEA Stylists
IKEA It's almost July and that time of year when students moving into dorm rooms start thinking about what they need for the upcoming school year. I always love gathering inspiration for this, from dorm decor ideas to diys and IKEA stylists always have the best ones. Here's a few finds that have come across our radar. Check them out below. 1. Book Page Wall (Above) Love this preppy look from IKEA (USA) using book pages on the wall. A simple and fitting project to personalize a space. Click here for more info. 2. Curtain As Canopy Here's a cool decorating trick if we ever did see one. If you have a window nearby, drape your curtain over your bed to make it look like a canopy. Also love that hoola hoop with fairy lights around it. Photo via IKEA. 3. Sleep In the Closet Another favourite and a great space saver is pushing your bed into the closet. Love this idea, and makes for a great place to study. Photo via Livet Hemma. 4. Wall Storage This is doable perhaps in a larger dorm room. Pick up some wall shelving and one that doubles as a desk and a bed. Photo Livet Hemma. 5. Pegboard Love Pick up yourself some pegboard or grab something like these cool SKADIS Pegboard units which house different clip in organizing options. Click here for more info. 6. Accessories Rack If you're a hat/accessories person, this accessories coat rack for hanging it all looks fun! Looks best with straw and leather or like surfaces. Via Livet Hemma. 7. Study Corner Make a space in a corner to curl up and study with a few cushions and good lighting. Click here to see more. 8. Movable Parts If your dorm doesn't have a desk, or you want some flexibility, get a desk and chair that moves. Love that you could actually just pull this up to the bed also for those late nite cramming sessions. Photo IKEA. 9. Get Organized It's always important to be organized, especially when exams come around. Love all the spots for everything from scissors to schedules. Click here to see more. 10. Make Room for Friends Check out this nifty daybed that pulls out into a hide-a-bed thingy! Great for sleepovers or big study sessions. Click here for more info.
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