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15 days ago
15 New and Useful Things from IKEA Under $2.99
A few budget-friendly finds today I happened upon while visiting IKEA's newest products. It's always fun to find affordable alternatives, and especially useful ones. All of these worth throwing into your FRAKTA shopping bag next time you're there. 1. PIVRING Backpack Made of recycled polyester, there's space enough for a lunch bag, extra clothes and a 14” computer or tablet. Both water bottle and baseball cap fit in the mesh compartment. Click here to eee more. $2.99 2. UPPSNOFSAD Storage Box A durable, sturdy and slightly smaller plastic box that you can have in all kinds of spaces and use for many different things. And you can easily see what's inside – even when stacking several vertically. More info here. $2.99 3. SANDVIVA Oven Mitt Silicone oven mitt. More info here. $2.99 4. LATMASK Clip-On Handle Knobs and handles are like icing on the cake. Enhance the style you like, refresh the look of doors and drawers, coordinate with the rest of the room – or simply change because it’s fun. More info here. $2.99 5. VÅGSJÖN Wash Cloths The combination of solid terry and stripes gives you an appealing towel with great function. The solid terry is soft against your skin and the woven stripes are both absorbent and dry quickly. More info here. $2.99 for 4 pack. 6. PÅDRAG Vase Designed to enhance the look of your bouquets while holding them firmly in place, yet the vase is also great to use on its own as a decoration. More info here. $1.49 7. STARTTID Pencil case A patterned case to hold all your pencils. More info here. $2.49 8. SESAMFRÖN Plant mister Clear glass plant mister. More info here. $2.99 9. SESAMFRÖN Plant Pot A ceramic dotted pot to hold a favourite plant. More info here. $2.99 10. RENSARE Waterproof bag A bag to hold things that are wet or you don't want to get wet. More info here. $2.49 11. TJABBA Magazine file Holding magazines with a smile. More info here. $2.99 12. VÄRLDENS Accessory bag A black bag to hold all the things. More info here. $2.49 13. PÄRKLA Storage Case Store all your winter clothes and more. More info here. $1.99 14. SNYGGING Hooks Invite springtime into your home with these self-adhesive hooks. Just as easy to fix in place as to write or draw on to make them personal. Part of the SNYGGING series – details that help you organize Click here for more details. $1.49 for 3 pack 15. TORVFLY Pot holder More info here. $1.99
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