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9 months ago
Deep Space 47 - The Dali Nebula
Still cruising in the vicinity of Abell 2029, the Hullbull RST nabs an image of part of a nearby nebula that exhibits somewhat similar geometry to the Pillars of Creation. Colored in one of the many Hullbull palettes, the red/yellow areas of the nebula represent sulfur, green represents ionized oxygen, and blue represents hydrogen. Areas of dusty dark nebula can be seen in the nebula formation. Background stars and stars within the nebula are either obscured or exhibit significant red shift. Not a real space image. Light art. Composite of two unaltered images. One image using Waterworld technique/100mm lens to create nebula patterns (source light is dry grass, green shrubs, yellow building wall with large red letters in bright daylight, and a hand-held black matte background). Second long exposure, 100mm lens (base layer/EXIF data) to create stars; several partially masked "burns" to create segregated star color patterns using water droplet technique and red, white, blue, yellow colored LEDs; cover/recompose, create larger stars using white and blue LEDs, with and without diffraction filter. (Am thinking the white stars might have looked better without the diffraction filter...?)
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