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32 months ago
Blue Fescue is a perennial grass that grows in fat compact tufts. Its ice blue color is striking and it's shaped like a hedgehog. Perfect in a cactus garden, edging a bed of cut flowers, or massed as a low maintenance ground cover. This is a striking plant and it's very easy to grow.Perennial in zones 4 to 10, Blue Fescue loves full sun and looks good year round, even in the heat of summer. It's drought tolerant once established, and needs almost no maintenance. Deer ignore it, frost doesn't phase it. This plant thrives on neglect.Individual plants grow about 8" tall. Scatter them for a natural look, spread them as a ground cover, or line them up in tidy rows to give a wild garden some structure. (They are also charming in pots).Blue Fescue is a staple in the Southwest, but is equally at home under oaks in the midwest. This grass has a place in almost every garden.Scatter the seeds on clean, loose soil a few inches apart. When seedlings are about 4" tall, trim off 1/2" to encourage root development. Transplant where you want them to grow. 200 seeds
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