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21 days ago
Ceiling Ceramic Lamp, Colorful Handmade Lampshade Design, Unique Light Fixture Gift
Ceiling Ceramic Lamp, Colorful Handmade Lampshade Design, Unique Light Fixture Gift Art Creation, Suitable for Living Room Center & Dining Room kitchen by Noa Razer This versatile and beautifully designed light fixture is suitable for all living, dining and work spaces. The pendant lampshade was created in the studio of the designer-maker Noa Razer which is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is part of the Apilar collection. The Apilar collection ('stack' in Spanish), is influenced by the unique ceramics originating in Spain. In this collection there are nine different shapes from which all structures of the collection are built. Countless creation options are formed by stacking the shapes one on top of the other into new complex compositions with spectacular colours. The ceramics are topped with prints, inspired by past traditions from different cultures, creating a contemporary cultural collage. The designer is engaged in ongoing research, visual as well as theoretical, focusing on ‏traditional ceramics as a cultural carrier and ‏searching for the sense of belonging through local material. Color: Green, pink, teal Measurements: Height 5.9 inch Diameter 5.5 inch You can see more option of my work of art here:
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