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25 months ago
OVERSTOCK: Giant Scarab Beetles, Chalcosoma atlas or chiron
I am de-stashing some of the unmounted insects that I don't think I'll use anytime soon. If you'd be interested in them for modeling, parts, or to try to mount yourself, here's your chance! "Unmounted" means that they are coming straight from my supplier. They have not been opened by me, so I have not done anything to spread out their legs, wings, or other parts. They are very fragile, so open these little individual packages with great care. This package includes one male specimen of these huge beetles, species Chalcosoma atlas or C. chiron, collected in Indonesia. Choose your size. Color is shiny and black. These species are hard to tell apart- if you're a serious collector and care about which species you get, message me before ordering to make sure I have the species you prefer. Your beetle will be labeled with the species it is. These are all still considered A Quality, which means that everything should be in the package and attached. The males have three impressive horns! Reminds me of a Triceratops! They look great with their wings spread out, too. Very easy to mount.
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