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11 months ago
Don’t risk ruining your travels by doing these 13 things on an airplane. Here are my top flying tips on what not to do on a plane. flying airplane tips hacks long flights airplane essentials long airplane rides airplane activities airplane travel tips flying hacks airplane travel tips airplane airplane packing tips flight tips how to flying flying hacks travel first time flying tips long flight tips plane ride essentials long plane ride first plane ride tips #flyingtips #flyinghacks
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Surprising things you can bring on a plane. Wow, I didn't know you can actually bring razorblades. I guess I can't use that as an excuse to check my bag anymore! #traveltips #travel #wanderlust #traveltip #airplane #airplanes #airplanetravel #flying #packing #packingtips #packinghacks #travelblogger #travelblog
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We’ve become accustomed to a life of technology. As a world traveler, one of the most common questions I hear, and sadly ask, is, “Do you have WiFi?” When in-flight WiFi became a thing, everybody was tweeting and Facebooking a play-by-play of what it was like to be in a plane, as if none of us knew. #flight #traveltips #flights #vacation
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