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21 months ago
Waldorf Astronomy Curriculum Guide - A Waldorf Journey
I had such a fantastic time teaching my students Waldorf Astronomy and I'm so excited to share my complete 3-week block curriculum guide with you! This thorough guide gives you the outline and framework you need to teach the block and recommended resources to check out of the library or purchase online. Though I do not present a complete narration of the content, I've included my lesson plan notes that come from the recommended resources. I've also included photos of main lesson pages, quizzes, worksheets and a final block test. The Astronomy block is quite unique in that it can be taught in either 6th or 7th grade. Depending on when you teach the block, your focus should be different, and I'm happy to offer suggestions that will allow you to customize this block for either 6th or 7th grade. This guide is over 40 pages of information that I'm sure will inspire you and your students to have a fantastic Astronomy block! This guide will come in the form of a downloadable zip file that contains a 25 page pdf guide, 4 quiz and worksheet documents and 17 images of sample student work.
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