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24 months ago
One PAIR ( male and female) African scarab Goliathus orientalis size 80/85mm a1 , for all your taxidermy art projects
We can offer a very wide range of dried and unmounted insects. (still folded in paper/ to be set by buyer, unless it is stated otherwise) Spreading or setting insects is NOT difficult and a relaxing thing to do. We can instruct you how to do so. These can be used in many creative ways .. : To make your own frames, to make your own collection , for jewelry ect ect ... We sold already to some of the worlds most reputable artists such as Jan Fabre( Begium), Jennifer Angus(USA) and several others .. and they created many fantastic artpieces to be seen in the biggest museum s worldwide... If for some reason you do not find the insects you require, do not hesitate to contact us to inquire if we have in stock or we can obtain.. Dried insects are sold in different qualities. Let us explain it : Quality of insects : Ex pupae : bred specimen, quality is outstanding A1 = wild caught specimen, excellent quality, antenna's intact (possibly loose) aa- = nearly perfect, antenna missing or damage, minor chips, little rubbed wings possible a- = good but with damage (larger chip, rubbed wings) a2 = second quality, for scientific purpose or repair Evaluez cette description Avez-vous trouvé la description ci-dessus utile ? Dites à Etsy ce que vous en pensez. Oui, il est utile Merci d'avoir donné votre opinion
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