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15 months ago
Monsterverse - Godzilla/Gojira by Dino-master on DeviantArt
Description This is for a proposed Monsterverse fanfiction ive been working in my head for a time (this continuity will include montser from the curent Monster as wel as alternative version of Pacific rim kaiju and jeager). This desing was tweaked a little to make it look less voluminous. “We call him... Gojira." — Ishiro Serizawa Godzilla the King of the Monsters, an ancient Alpha Predator, Species    Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile Height 355 feet / 108 meters Length 550 feet, 4 inches/ 167.74 meters Weight 44000 - 50000 tons Personality An ancient warrior who's the last of his kind... tired of the world. With a desire to remain alone, but will not refuse a call to protect what the world that belonged to it... Like a Samurai or a Ronin Abilities: Atomic breath (Can be enhanced into Spiral Ray after absorbing enough Radiation or after much physical or emotional duress) High Durability Physical Strength Combat skills Tail can smash through a skyscraper Thundering roar can disorient enemies and creates shockwaves that work at short range Amphibiousness and swimming speed at over 33 knots Demonstrates learning and strategy building during battles Radiation absorption allows it replenish strength and regenerate wounds Weaknesses Excessive use of Atomic Breath and Continuous fighting significantly drains Godzilla's energy, EMPs interfere with Godzilla's atomic breath, Strikes Directly on the gills Despite many saying that Godzilla's ability to defy the laws of physics as for being 90,000 tons and till being able to walk and swim is attributed to him being god, let not forget in in the words of Isayama from GMK Godzilla is still just an Animal therefore bound by laws of nature and physics. Share and leave a comment
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