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26 months ago
Tease Me ♡Shota Aizawa x Reader♡ - 3: Drunk! Wait...WHAT!?
(Y/n) Togata, a now third year, has figured out that that her teasing and joking has been confused for flirting towards her teacher, Shota Aizawa. She decides to no longer tease him and focus on her current relationship. But little did she know that her teacher would actually miss her teasing and actually want it back. How does he truly feel about you? Would you even consider going out with him when you promised to never fall for a teacher? Even after so many years of you both sacrificing things for each other.....without thinking it's meant by love. "Shota, I-I like the teasing but you're drunk and I don't want you to do something you might regret." "I won't regret anything with you, Kitten." {special chapters-7, story chapters-60} 🖤coverart copyrighted to @rishnea_art on Instagram🖤 -‐NOTES‐‐ ⚠️THIS IS A STORY FOR MATURE AUDIENCES! 18+ ⚠️ ♡Teacher x Student ♡Reader is female ♡Kaminari will be an antagonist in this story ♡ships that I like will be in the story ♡love rival (Denki Kaminari, Hitoshi Shinso (slightly), Yo Shindo) ♡I am aware that cannonly Aizawa is 31 in their first year of UA. But for story reasons (and to lessen the age gap) he is 28 in the first year. ♡Aizawa used to have romantics feelings for Shirakumo ♡cursing, violence, fight scenes, abuse, verbal abuse, toxic relationship (no not Aizawa), fluff, lemons {I DO NOT OWN MHA/BNHA OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS BESIDES FOR A FEW OCs AND (Y/N) AND I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE ART!} Started: 8/25/2020 Finished: 3/11/2022
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