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pew, no pew #usmc #MarineCorps humor funny
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Funny USMC | Wombat | Most Funniest Photographs #rodents #rodents #humor
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USMC Inter-Service Humor - 'Army Rangers'
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30x18 Handpainted Wood Usmc #fashion #home #garden #homedcor #plaquessigns (ebay link)
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Taming the Taildragger - Col R.L. Upchurch USMC - When he earns his wings, Tom Fitzgerald learns that he will not be flying jets, but propeller driven Skyraiders. When he and his nemesis, Dean Claymore, report for duty in Miami, Florida they discover that the old taildragger can deliver tons ordnance; however it is unforgiving of inexperienced aviators. Fortunately Miami offers diversions, such as airline stewardesses, jai alai frontons, and all night cocktail lounges. When the squadron dep
14 days ago
USMC 'Mad Dog Mathis' 'Isis' Meme - USMC Humor - The Opposition
14 months ago
Not Human
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Earned Never Given
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USMC Humor - West Coast Marines targeting Parris Island Marines
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US Marine
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Semper Fi Quote
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