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it's not meant to be pretty
40 months ago
Jose Varese’s Instagram post: “#superman #sketch done at #c2e2. I'll post the final rendering later today. #manofsteel #sketchcover #dccomics #pencilsketch…”
30 months ago
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Superman Ascension Painting by Eric W. Meador Comic Art
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#superman #chibi #drawing @oxmariieee Más
23 months ago
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Breathtaking Oil Paintings Capture Moments of Tranquility Below the Water’s Surface
4 months ago
A ilustração em preto e branco...
7 months ago
((Open rp, boy or girl needed)) *i sit alone near the back of the coffee shop, leaning my head on my arms with a sad look on my face and pain in my eyes as my phone keeps vibrating with new texts that I seem to want to ignore...; you walk in and notice me; something is definitely wrong*
32 months ago
Stand Still. Stay Silent - webcomic, page 302
15 months ago
Serpent tattoo
17 days ago
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Awesome artwork🔥😍
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Black and White Jorge Jiménez from Superman 37
15 months ago
TMNT Mikey | Tumblr
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Have faith in yourself
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