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DIY Hardware Store Star Trek Enterprise 1701 Tutorial from Instructables.You can make the Star Trek Enterprise 1701 using nuts, bolts, washers etc… from the hardware store or your junk drawer. Then make the mini Enterprise into a magnet or...
7 months ago
Star Trek Insignia Cookie - good idea for simple cookies
12 months ago
Hexatopia: Celebrating 51 Years of Star Trek
7 months ago
Can't wait for the upcoming JJ Abrams' Star Trek movie? Keep yourself busy with all these nerdtastic crafts while you wait. Craft on and prosper!
39 months ago
Star Trek String Art More
13 months ago
Knitting Monster
53 months ago
Minimal Warbirds and Warp Nine is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 33 Star Trek Tattoos That Go Beyond the Final Frontier
21 months ago
82 months ago
Futuristic Star Trek Bathroom Decor for Trekkies
31 months ago
Star Trek combadge earrings (or pin)
82 months ago
Star Trek Discovery Live Long And Prosper Men's T-Shirt
27 months ago
DIY: Star Trek Kissen -
56 months ago
Star Trek Command Badge
77 months ago
Making a DIY Star Trek hand mold
19 months ago
Victorian Style Star Trek Uniforms | Make:
37 months ago
Paper pieced quilt featuring Mr. Spock from Star Trek
17 months ago
Star Trek: Join Starfleet Art Print
23 months ago
DIY Cheap and Easy Star Trek Costumes (TOS)
4 months ago
Lighted Mason Jar - Star Trek Twinkle Light Jar
5 months ago
Star Trek Free Printable Kit.
5 months ago
DIY Star Trek Halloween Costume - U Create
64 months ago
Starfleet Officer Badges w/ Custom Ranks - Star Trek Discovery
10 days ago
34 months ago
Live Long and Craft: Fun Star Trek Crafts to Try Out!
4 months ago