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#3DPrinted Platform Jack, Fully Assembled, No Supports #3DThursday #3DPrinting
10 days ago - VOJD and Akris create geometrically-inspired 3D printed jewelry for Paris Fashion Week | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News
50 months ago
#3dprinting #toycar
10 months ago
101 Useful, Practical, Functional 3d Prints!
9 months ago
48 months ago
You can now 3D print your own iconic Bladeless fan
12 months ago
3D Printed Wooden Box!! 🤯
11 months ago
Complex Geometric Lamp Designs Produced with 3D Printing
81 months ago
Featured at SXSW 2013: 3D Printed aluminum loop pendant with silk cord woven into the design
55 months ago
Medieval Castle by boldmachines
57 months ago
3D Printing Wood! 🤯🌳
11 months ago
3d Printed lamp shade collection
88 months ago
Filament dryboxes and alternative spool holders - not only for MMU2S - Prusa Printers
16 days ago
▬ Положение сопла при 3д печати
10 months ago
Pre-order. An adult fox. 3d printed bjd animal. Sizes 5 to 7 cm, removable heads on magnets. Ball jointed fox dolls to order. Red foxes
13 months ago
Cheetah Sprinter | rinkak
59 months ago
54 months ago
Neuron Cube – Pencil Holder – By Dizingof
44 months ago
Thingiverse Alternatives
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