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Bulbasaur Planter from Apollo Box
2 months ago
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16 days ago
brb, gonna go jump off a cliff
8 months ago
Ваза из 3D принтера
24 months ago
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12 days ago
3d Printing Planter Geek culture
15 days ago
Review: Metal Frame TronXY X5S Delivers Well on High Precision 3D Printing Promi... - 3D Printer Pen - #Delivers #FRAME #high #Metal #pen #Precision #Printer #Printing #Promi #Review #TronXY #X5S
23 days ago
3D Printing Meets Traditional Cabinetmaking: 3D Printed Furniture by Mathias Bengtsson | 3D Printing
28 days ago
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2 months ago
Easter Bunny by stefdevos on Shapeways
18 days ago
Shapeways Blog - How to Design Snap-Fit Ball Joints for 3D Printing with Shapeways
18 days ago
3d printed jewelry - Pendant / necklace - 'My twisted heart'
2 months ago
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1 month ago
eat sleep 3d Print repeat
2 months ago
3d printing filament comparison
6 months ago
This Artist Turned His Former Flings into 3D Printed Shoe Sculptures
4 months ago
SHARKZ... Fun Multipurpose Clips / Holders / Pegs with moving jaws that bite! by muzz64
23 days ago
101 Useful, Practical, Functional 3d Prints!
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1 month ago
50 Easy & Fun Things to 3D Print in January 2020 | All3DP
20 days ago
Best 3D printing designs of the year | 3D Printing Blog | i.materialise
11 months ago