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HAND MADE l ИДЕИ l РУКОДЕЛИЕ on Instagram: “😍от @hammerlyceramics Ставь лайк❤ Тебе не трудно, а мастеру приятно! Подписывайся на наш аккаунт о вышивке  @best_hand_made_embroidery…”
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Posted @withregram @additivecare Because of how simple cheap and accessible 3D printing has become every surgery can and should have 3D printed assets made. Eventually 3D printing will become the standard of care for invasive surgeries. If you are a physician thinking about how to use 3D printed assets for training purposes please let us help. We offer guided introductions to our automated AI segmentation pathway and we describe best use cases for additive manufacturing techniques for various s
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Our SLA printer is compatible to print both large and "Microscale" parts as shown here. Get your designs 3d printed now. Try us out if you haven't already! #3dprinting #micro #3dprinted #parts #3d #sla #design3d #technology #3Dprinter #slaprinter #sla3dprinter #microparts #slapart #microscale #additive #manufacturing #vexmatech
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