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Advance Rapid Prototyping helps you to design your product materialize in 3D. Quote online to get reasonable prices rather than competitors. #Iannone3D #3Dprinting
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Makes of Cabinet for printer, dry storage for filament with easy change system and tooling. 3D Printing on Wheels - workstation by McSquid - Thingiverse
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||It's so interesting to me to see how far 3D printing has come. For me, it's even more intriguing because I have the opportunity to see it from an engineer's design side as well as from the art design side. 3D printing has a variety of avenues it can take. Excited to see where it continues to go. I do wish we had more opportunities to work with the 3D printers since they are available on campus.||
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The Microscape is a really cool art-mural of a city. You can purchase a 3D printed ‘square plot of the city’ to give your mantelpiece a cool, kitschy touch, or go ahead and purchase adjacent plots to make a crazy mural of your metropolitan city. #YankoDesign
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